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Details of DSZYJ160 home oil milling machine

DSZYJ160 home oil milling machine details:

Model DSZYJ160
Features 1.oil yield of 60%(according to oil content of raw material).2.Enviroment-friendly materials,low noise.3.The one button operation is simple and convenient. Be able to work continuously for morethan 1 hour.4.A variety of raw materials are available,healthy and safe.

5.Food-grade stainless steel parts. Chamber and screw auger can be easily dismantled toclean and can be put in disinfection cabinet.

6.Simple,compact and elegant appearance.

7.Siemens alike high-quality motor is very powerful.

8.Without standby,press oil in one minute.

9.The counter-rotating screw auger ensure no blockage.

Size&Weight 1 piece home use  oil press machine :   650mm*210mm*320 mm( Packing size)2 piece oil milling machine : 660mm*425mm*325mm ( Packing size)N/G weight:8.6/ 11.5KG per unit
20GP   602SETS small oil milling machine
Payment   LC,TT,West Union,Payapl,Escrow,Credit Card
Packing Gift box and master box








DSZYJ160 oil expeller extractor machine

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Details of DSZYJ200A mini oil expeller press machine for home use

DSZYJ200A mini oil expeller press machine is our 2nd generation household oil extractor machine.

Features 1.oil yield of 60%(according to oil content of raw material).

2.Enviroment friendly materials,low noise.

3.The one button operation is simple and convenient.Be able to work continuously for more than 1 hour.

4.A variety of raw materials are available,healthy and safe.

5.Food-grade stainless steel parts. Chamber and screw auger can be easily dismantled to clean and can       be put in disinfection cabinet.

6.Simple,compact and elegant appearance.

7.high-quality motor is very powerful.

8.Without standby,press oil in one minute.

9.The counter-rotating screw auger ensure no blockage

Size 1 piece small cold press oil machine  :  61cm*36cm*31cm( Packing size)2 piece mini home oil press machine :   58cm*54cm*34cm( Packing size)
Weight  8.5KG/1 piece     16.5KG/2 pieces
20GP  480SETS
Payment LC,TT,West Union,Payapl,Escrow,Credit Card
 Packing  Gift box and master box

oil expeller press machine diagram

oil expeller press machine diagram,shows parts of the screw oil press

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2 types of home screw oil expeller press

In China,recent days,household small screw oil expeller press is very popular in this country.household small oil expeller also can be called home oil press, it can be used for pressing edible seeds and nuts,such as sesame seeds、peanuts/groundnuts、palm kernel seeds、flaxseed or linseed、sunflower seeds、rapeseed etc.

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Home use vegetable oil expeller press machine

Vegetable Oil from vegetablesedible vegetable oil is extracted from the vegetables and it is mainly used for human consumption when you do cooking. The modern way of extracting the vegetable oil is by means of using solvent extracts vegetable oil. Anyway, vegetable oil press is commonly used to extract oil from the raw vegetable resources by crushing those resources into the oil press machine. This technique is mostly adopted by the upcoming industrial screw oil press machine, which extracts oil from soybeans and corn seeds etc. The other way which is predominantly followed by many other kinds of vegetable oil expeller press is by physical extraction which doesn’t require any solvent means,

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Problem with our oil press no power not start work

About a week days ago,we had sent our Bolivia customer a piece sample of oil expeller press machine, after a long time delivery, the oil expeller machine is now arriving at my customer’s hand, and they made a test for it.

but problems occurs. the oil mill machine does not start to work, it seems that the input voltage is correct, no data displayed in the control pannel. no power.

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new changes for our small oil expeller press machine

Through many years research and development, we make our household small oil expeller press machine more convenient using and stable.To be one of the second to none small oil press machine manufacturer, now we have upgraded many features with our screw oil press.change the Control pannel to Touch sensor screen.and a slice chopping equipment added to the screwing rod making the residual more tiny.


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The benefits of sesame seeds oil

sesame seeds oill pressed by home oil press machineSesame seed oil has been used widely in the world due to the sesame seed oil benefits as a healing oil, including in experiments which showed it was useful in unblocking arteries. In recent experiments of our world's scientists, the oil has been used in the medical treatment of several chronic disease processes, including Hepatitis, Diabetes and Migraines.

Scientists' Research indicates that another one of the Sesame seed oil benefits is as a potent Antioxidant. In the tissues beneath the body skin, this sesame seeds oil will neutralizes oxygen radicals. It penetrates into the skin quickly and enters the blood stream through the capillaries. Molecules of Sesame seed oil keeps good Cholesterol and lower bad Cholesterol.

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