DSZH-601 kitchen deep air fryer Electric Baking Oven

Kithcen Electric Baking Oven

This is a new kind of  method to frying food which converts traditional meaning. Air-fryer can fry food without oil, and also made delicious and healthy food.Air fryer can used to cook snacks such as French fries, chicken nuggets, fish cake, and meat ball.Air fryer help you become an expert in cooking healthy food.
*For fat-free, spread little oil on food surface for better taste

*Healthier compared with the French fries cooked in traditional way

Air fryer

-Enjoy delicious, healthy, convenient food

Dengshang air fryer adopts a healthy way to cook delicious crunchy French fries and Fried food. The new type of health provides delicious food can replace the traditional Fried food, air feyer cooked gold crunchy French fries, bring delicious healthy food for adults and children.
You can also use air fryer cooking Fried chicken pieces, seafood or meat string and other delicious food, if you want to display superb cooking skills, air fryer can give you a helping hand, it can cook all kinds of delicious tapas, snacks, even hard fruit chocolate is just a piece of cake. Using air fryer, you can make a healthy and beautiful feast with delicious food.

 No Oil Cooking Tips

For home-fried potatoes or other crunchy potato food, a family of four only needs to add half spoon oil in 500 grams of potatoes to enjoy it. For ready-made French fries and snacks,there is no need to put on oil, with a no oil air fryer.

It still can make salmon bread, milk egg cake or pizza yourself. If you want to make crisp skin, just stir bread with 1 spoon oil, and don’t need to put too much oil in it, fried chicken leg and sweet barbecue only need a thin layer of oil, and most homemade dessert does not need oil.

The pan without oil, so air fryer has the characteristic of convenient, economic, and safe, very suitable for a family with children. Older children can even use air fryer to fry potatoes. The best characteristics is, air fryer has no unpleasant smell of lampblack. It brings you only the smell of cooking.

Air fryer is easy to use. Only three steps can make delicious food:

1.Only 3 minutes, can preheat the air fryer to the temperature you need.

2.Put the raw materials in Fried basket, and fry basket slip into air fryer, then set the frying time.

3.When fried time passes more than a half, shake with raw materials Fried basket (only recommend). Setup time finish, put the fried food into the dish..You can lift out big snacks using clip.

You can also according to the production of the manual recipes,fried maximum diameter for 16 cm of snacks in  fried basket . Cooking finished, with scaling it from out of the basket. Please take all insulating gloves or use cloth pad. With delicious food make a healthy and beautiful feast.

No Oil Cooking Knowledge

Q: It’s need oil of this kind of oil-free air fryer  ?

If itself is oily foods, such as meat, seafood, frozen fries, do not need to go also can make delicious taste, if food material itself not oily, such as vegetables, fresh French fries, plus one scoop of oil can make delicious taste just like traditional way. Its principle is to use high speed air circulation system and make the air become “oil”,  so as to make and Fried similar in crisp outside the tastes

Q: what kind of oil is best to use ?

Most cooking oil can increase oil free cooking pot made of raw materials of flavor and crunchy. We recommend you to use traditional cooking oil, and all such as: olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, you can also use traditional cooking oil, or before use will spice soaked in oil. This is to change the flavor of food a simple method. You can also use the spray conversion.

Q: what is the secret of Dengshang high speed air circulation system ?

1.Food ingredients

2.High energy barbecue device

3.A full range of high speed loop flow

4.Medial part of the threaded Road

Step 1.make the air heating rapidly through the top of BBQ device

Step 2.Through the high power fan  rapid circulation of heat flux in food basket internal

Step 3.Food basket medial part form the vortex heat , 360 degree contact with the food surface , quickly taken away the water vapor , and the food surface will become golden crisp,  to the appearance and taste just like fried

Q: The harmful of more oil and the benefit of less oil?
Oil main component is fat, too much food must be harmful to human body, cannot use up quantity of heat will accumulation formed inside the body fat, high cholesterol and other diseases. Ze hui oil-free air fryer not only don’t need traditional fryer that put the food in oil leaching, and meat ingredients in forced out of their own when cooking oil from Fried basket drop down, so the intake of human body fat is less, the corresponding more health.


◆ For AC 110V-240V, 50/60Hz,1300 Watts.

◆ Standard type plug.

◆ With 1m length outer cable.

◆ Capacity: 2.5L

◆ Packing  size:710mm*380mm*360mm  2PCS/1CTN

◆ Size of Gift box: 345*345*350MM

◆ Size of Carton box: 355*355*375MM

◆ Container: 20GP:576PCS/576CTNS



◆ Color: White&Black&other

◆ N/G weight: 5.2kg/6.8kg

◆ Certification:CE,CB,GS,CCC