DSZYJ-160 oil press

household small oil expeller machineHousehold Oil press machine is suitable for peanut,walnut,sesame and vegetable seeds ect. The oil yield can reach almost 60%.
Kinds of raw materials can be suitable for our oil press machine;High rate of oil yielding;Stability and durable.
Dengshang-professional household oil mill manufacturer.
Dengshang take three years to develop a household oil mill with oil yield of 60%(accordingto oil content of raw material),fully inherit the chinese ancient oil pressing method. Thepressed oil is contamination free and make family don’t reply on genetically modifiedcooking oil,which lead green revolution of the modern kitchen!
1.oil yield of 60%(according to oil content of raw material).
2.Enviroment-friendly materials,low noise.
3.The one button operation is simple and convenient. Be able to work continuously for morethan 1 hour.
4.A variety of raw materials are available,healthy and safe.
5.Food-grade stainless steel parts. Chamber and screw auger can be easily dismantled toclean and can be put in  disinfection cabinet.
6.Simple,compact and elegant appearance.
7.Siemens high-quality motor is very powerful.
8.Without standby,press oil in one minute.
9.The counter-rotating screw auger ensure no blockage.

household small oil press machine diagram

Motor power:270W

Heating device power:100W

Total power:370W

20″container: 602 pcs

Additional pictures:


dszyj160 home oil press-silver
dszyj160 home oil press-brush
dszyj160 home oil press-silver
dszyj160 home oil press-grinding-rod
dszyj160 home oil press-screwing-chamber
fasten dszyj160 home oil press-screwing-chamber
cover the feeding box
host of oil press
host of oil press
outlet of air power fan
cleaning the oil press screwing rod
dszyj160 home oil press-screwing-chamber
cleaning the screwing chamber
brush the screwing chamber
dszyj160 home oil press-golden
dszyj160 home oil press-golden
dszyj160 home oil press-silver
dszyj160 home oil press-silver
dszyj160 home oil press-silver