FAQs about home oil press

   The home screw oil press machine is used to press oil from groundnuts/peanuts,sesame seeds,cotton seeds and rapeseeds etc.and is ideal for household oil mill,here are some troubleshooting tips for our small home oil press machine.

  • How much oil will I get from these oily seeds and nuts?  

     Usually, Its oil yield of 40%-50%(according to oil content of raw material),such like sesame seeds,it can reach up to than 40%,and less than 20 mins to press.

  • What kinds of materials can be used for pressing oil and what is requirement of material and moisture content?

     More than 16 kinds of materials such as peanuts/groundnuts, rapeseeds, sesame, copra, cottonseeds, hazelnut,  linseed/flaxseeds, oil palm kernel, pumpkin seed, sun flower seeds, walnuts can be processed by our home oil press.  More types are to be developed. The oil content should above 25% and moisture content is around 8%.

  • Does the seeds need pre-processing such as roasting or drying?

      No. Most of the seeds can be expelled directly without any pre-treatment.

  • Is the oil edible directly?

      Yes,But a 12th deposition is recommended

  • How many person required to operate this home screw oil press machine?

      Just only 1 person can do all .

  • Why is there no oil production from these seeds and nuts?

      The seeds or nuts are too dry or too wet,and the oil content is lower than 25%,or the oil press machine pre-heated insufficiently.

  • Can you Do us OEM service?

      Yes, we can provide you OEM service and make your own brand,maketing your own brand.

  • Dose your home oil press machine be suitable for our local electrical standards ?

      Yes,we can meet your local needs, our home small screw oil press machine is customized for different power needs, 110V-230V,50Hz-60Hz.and customized plug cords.

  • Oil press machine does not work? it seems like no power supplied

when you happen to this situation, fisrt, you shoud check whether the power cord is good? the fuse on the bottom of screw oil press is working. or some other things happened. continuous for more