Problem with our oil press no power not start work

About a week days ago,we had sent our Bolivia customer a piece sample of oil expeller press machine, after a long time delivery, the oil expeller machine is now arriving at my customer’s hand, and they made a test for it.

but problems occurs. the oil mill machine does not start to work, it seems that the input voltage is correct, no data displayed in the control pannel. no power.

That is the problem causes the receiver wants to send it back to us. after we consulted our technician to make a confirmation about the problem. he analyzed that maybe the cord that connected with the front electron coupler and the bottom shell of oil press machine is not connected well, after such a long time delivery, it maybe loosen. so we just reacted to our customer. and send him a video,showing how to disassemble the oil expeller machine and how to re-assemble it.

Here we are giving steps as follows:

step 1: checking the power cord is no prolem, whether it is good for using?

step 2: make sure the power cord in the plug socket is tight,steady.

oil press plug socket
step 3:checking the fuse at the bottom of oil expeller press machine,to make sure it is good.using screwdriver to open it.

fuse for oil expeller press machine

step 4: unscrew 4 screws at the bottom of oil press machine in case to open the top shell,then to check the red cord connected with front electron coupler and the bottom shell of oil press machine,whether it is tight or loosen.if it is loosen,not connected well. it may cause the machine not start to work,even power supplied.

redcordin oilpress



After this have done, please re-assemble the oil expeller press machine again. then make the power cord in the plug socket and turn on the machine,it works now!  perfect done!